Blue Streak Strategies offers a depth of services in the following categories:

Small Business and Non-Profit Marketing and Development
Mass Communications: Electronic Automated Dialing
Website Design and Hosting
Media Relations and Public Relations
Media Buying for Businesses and Political Candidates
Social Media Networking
Political Campaign Management

1)      Small Business and Non-Profit Marketing and Development: We specialize in building small businesses and non profits by reaching out to targeted markets and expanding the growth of your organization. Creative methods are used and have been tested to increase client satisfaction.

2)      Mass Communications: Whether you are running for office or looking for simple ways to reach members of your organization or business, we can reach thousands of people within a matter of minutes to quickly convey your message in the most time-efficient and expedient manner.

3)      Website Design and Hosting: Blue Steak retains an on-staff professional Web designer who has a plethora of experience in the Web design field. We offer an inexpensive and easy way to market your company. Please visit for more information!

4)      Media Buying for Business and Political Candidates: Save time and money by letting Blue Streak act as your media buyers for print, online, radio, and television advertising. We work with advertising budgets from as little as $500 to as much as $500,000 and save our clients on average of 30 percent on all advertising rates. We charge the lowest rates in the industry.

5)      Media Relations and Public Relations: Blue Streak staff utilizes the most effective industry methods to keep in contact with all forms of media. We provide press releases and correspondence to media outlets to effectively convey your message.

6)      Social Media Networking and Web Optimization: In today's global economy, social media is the wave to marketing yourself or your company in a cost effective and reliable fashion. Our staff will increase your marketability today with a quick and inexpensive plan that best suits your needs.

7)      Political Campaign Management: Blue Steak staff has managed, coordinated, or staffed more than 100 campaigns. Our success rate for candidate election is one of the best in the region, nearing 90 percent. We have worked on national, state, county, and local campaigns and will bring a significant boost to your campaign team.

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